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Being Unapologetically You

Believe it or not, No Filter did not start off as an online t-shirt store. It actually started off as a journal of thoughts and emotions. Founder LaKeisha Williams thought that if she had these feelings and could not boldly express them, how many other people felt the same way and how could she help express it? Hence the birth of No Filter Apparel in 2018. Our t-shirts (and upcoming clothing selections) serve as a way to express your feeling and your thoughts, whenever you feel like it and on whatever subject that affects you.


LaKeisha strongly believes that you should not have to restrict yourself just to be accepted by others, either they will accept you as you are or they can move the hell on. No Filter Apparel is a brand that pushes the boundaries of self-expression. Customers are drawn to us for our willingness and boldness to speak our minds. When will you remove your filter and be unapologetically you?